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In 1927, The Virginia Beach night hid the reckless and the lawless under cloaks of shadow and silence. It was a time of midnight runs on no-name roads, care modified to outrace the law, and drivers drunk on the promise of bootleg money. Deception rolled thick as the salt in the sea air. The moss, like whispers, hung from the Oaks and bald Cypress, as it did across much of the great American south.
History will recall us.

Modern Era Pioneers

Founders & Distillers

Our Team

It began with an idea 8 years ago when Virginia Beach native Andrew Yancey set out to craft a Virginia Beach distillery. Partnering with a fellow Virginia native, Bruce Thompson, Gold Key | PHR CEO and founder, led the renovation and revitalization of the Cavalier Hotel. Tarnished Truth holds the distinction of being the first and only distillery in a hotel in the United States. Legendary master distiller, Larry Ebersold, with more than 40 years of experience, leads the distilling team bringing world class spirits to Virginia Beach.

Andrew Yancey

Andrew Yancey

Co-Owner & Operator

Andrew was born and raised in Virginia Beach. Andrew developed the unique idea of opening a distillery in Virginia Beach in 2010. After years of research, development, and mentoring under one of the country's best master distillers his dream finally came to fruition inside of the Historic Cavalier hotel, which he grew up just a few miles away from. Andrew is the Head of Operations for Tarnished Truth Distilling Company.

Justin Boyle

Justin Boyle

Distiller & Chemist

Justin Boyle has lived in Virginia Beach for 10 years after serving in the Navy. He received his bachelors degree in biology from Old Dominion University with disciplines in organic and inorganic chemistry as well as microbiology. Justin came to Tarnished Truth Distilling Company with years of experience in the bourbon and whiskey industry. He truly appreciate the science behind a finely made bourbon and perfecting each aspect of it.

Rachael Blake

Rachael Blake

Distillery Ambassador

As the former beverage specialist at the Cavalier Hotel, Rachael Blake has been part of the Tarnished Truth story since the beginning. Now as our Distillery Ambassador, she gets to tell that story every day. A 15-year hospitality industry pro focused on distilled spirits for the last 10, Rachael is a Hampton Roads native who loves watching our local team and local brand grow. Plus, getting to make good whiskey is pretty fun. Ready to talk The Truth? Talk to Rachael.



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