Fourth Handle

Coastal American Gin
Bottle of Fourth Handle Coastal American Gin

Fourth Handle Gin

At the Grand Cavalier the opulence of the day couldn’t suppress the underlying darkness. The era offered wicked decadence; luxury was celebrated like moonlight dancing on black water. Every sense was catered to, every experience provided. Like the salt water bath available in guest bathrooms, drawn through the legendary “Fourth Handle”. This outstanding Gin is crafted in a manner respectful of the men that built this great hotel. Uncompromising. Obsessed with the detail. No shortcuts. A Coastal American Gin that flows from a rather unexpected place, like salt water in a bathtub.


  • Aroma Distinct Piney and floral notes with hints of citrus
  • Taste Piney flavor is subtle, mixed with the lavender and rose gives way to spice and coriander mixed with the sweet cucumber and citrus notes of grapefruit and orange
  • Finish Finish starts sweet from the cucumber and falls into a lingering spice of pepper

Fourth Handle Gin

created using 8 botanicals; juniper berries, coriander, cubeb berries, grains of paradise, grapefruit, cucumber, rose, and orange.
Juniper gives the gin its piney notes
Coriander gives a subtle citrus nutty spice
Cubeb berries lavender like aroma subtle floral taste
Grains of paradise lend fragrant lingering citrus
Grapefruit distinctive grape-fruit like aroma and flavor
Cucumber lends a sweetness and helps round out the other botanicals together
Orange a sweet citrus note that compliments the grapefruit
Rose petals lend delicate floral notes

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